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Totem ed Espositori Pubblicitari personalizzati autoportanti e da banco.

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Personalized and Self-assembled Totem and Publicity Displays

We specialize in the design and execution of Publicity Totems, innovative and original communications tools to promote any product or service in shops, also excellent for trade shows and events.

The lines, forms, ease of assembly and high definition of the printing are characteristics that make our Publicity Totems the ideal promotional solution to present a business brand or an event in a winning and effective manner.


All our advertising totems models are protected by international patents that prevent counterfeiting and duplication.


Many solutions to choose from, over 250 different shapes and compositions, all supported by a high ease of handling, installation and disposal.


Reduced storage space, contained transport costs and positioning.
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Perfect in a store to promote a product or encourage purchase. They are also designed for outdoors to signal and attract customers.


Made from completely recyclable materials and thanks to the endless applications, our promotional totems are adaptable to any store.

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Totem Lamà

The Publicity Totems that we offer are part of the magic world of Lamà. Lamà is synonymous with Totem and Publicity displays. Lamà is the only cardboard POP support, with automatic opening patented around the world!

This is a cardboard item, usually elliptical, developed vertically as a 2-sided column that can be entirely printed in digital four-color for small quantities or in four-color offset for large productions.

Lamà Publicity Totems are completely self-assembled and foldable in an intuitive manner, as can be seen from the video that we present here and on our YouTube channel.

The beauty of the printing that completely envelopes the totem makes the Lamà a critical success factor in the communication at the sales point. Various forms and applications are available that make the Publicity Totems a useful tool for your in-store operations or at trade shows and events.

In addition to the classic Lamà totem we are happy to provide you our Lamà Expos, captivating Publicity displays that will raise the image of your products at the sales point.
Our publicity displays are always made beginning from the Lamà totem, thus respecting the self-assembled philosophy. One or more shelves can be carved from the body of the totem for the positioning of medium-light products, catalogues, magazines, perfumes, cosmetics, medicines, toys, etc.

Your product is always the point of departure inspiring the design and execution of our publicity displays.

The continuous development of forms and uses, research, experimentation and the choice of new materials have determined the success of the "Lamà System" in most of the economic activities.

Imagine how your products' images will be enhanced thanks to our Lamà Expo.

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