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Publicity Displays

The evolution of the Publicity Totems resulted in the Lamà Publicity displays, called Expo Lamà.
So many models have already been made, all designed to hold and display products at the sales point.

Espositori Pubblicitari diverse misure

Just place one or more shelves in the Totem column and the Publicity Display takes shape.
The products are placed and the Lamà Publicity displays become an efficient and irreplaceable sales tool both for the countertop and the floor.
Try to imagine your products exhibited in the Publicity displays: technology and beauty in the service of the clients.

The Publicity displays, like all the Publicity totems, can be printed in color, also directly on the product support shelves or on the edges of the dispenser drawers.

All the Publicity displays have the fast intuitive patented self-assembly characteristics of the Publicity Totems.
There are many applications used to hold the products. It is possible to place blister-holder hooks on the Publicity Display for as many references necessary to display. With appropriate horizontal cuts, it is possible to place shelves and create supports for light products such as shoes, magazines, brochures, bottles of liquid products, etc.
True brackets and shelves can be applied, die-cut to the measure of the product, creating a real sales tool, attractive and convenient. The Lamà Tablet line below is the confirmation.

The Lamà Bin line, composed of a completely personalizable Totem column and a reinforced dispenser on the base, is also used for medium weight products; it is possible to structure the drawers to the measure of the product or the specific requirement.

For years, particular attention has been addressed to continuous research for new materials, techniques, and display formulas to highlight and demonstrate the products or the services offered by our clients to their consumers at the sales point.