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Publicity Totems

The Lamà Publicity Totems are self-assembled with a patented system, personalizable for any space and communication requirement.

Totem Pubblicitari di diverse forme e misure

These are captivating and original publicity ideas, with innovative forms and great communicative impact on the client to promote the purchase of a product or bring out the company brand. These are excellent promotional solutions to arrange inside sales points, perhaps to display in a window or on the counter, but also perfect for publicizing an event or a trade show.

The Publicity Totems that we offer are available both in standard forms and in forms created ad hoc for the client.
Thanks to the patented Lamà opening system, they open automatically and spread open in a few seconds without having to apply any support for the assembly, precisely because there is nothing to assemble!

Totem Advertising counter and floor

Our Publicity Totems are made of the lightest 100% recyclable cardboard, and can be perfectly refolded leaving minimum bulk in the shop or in any other exhibition space.
Lamà Totems provide personalizations in color or only front, or front and back, using different printing techniques.

In particular, the Lamà Publicity Totems are self-assembled cardboard columns using patented systems and are divided in two categories:

» Countertop Publicity Totems

The Publicity Totems for countertop are smaller, i.e.: the 12x30 cm. Micro Totem for sales points with little space available, up to 28 x 76 cm. for the Petit, wider and slimmer for larger counters.

Totem Pubblicitari da banco

» Floor Publicity Totems

The floor Publicity Totems instead have a more varied range of measurements: from 33 x120 cm. for the Teen to 80 x 240 cm. of the Mega.

Totem Pubblicitari da terra personalizzati
Forms available Totem Advertising

The Lamà Publicity Totem shapes are: Elliptical - Tube - Square - Half-Moon - Triangle - Rectangle and all can be produced for either the countertop or the floor.

Maybe you're interested in seeing one or more in person. If you like, you may purchase our Publicity Totems immediately through our ON-LINE SHOP service.

Forme disponibili Totem Pubblicitari

Panama Lamà Publicity Totems

The Panama Lamàs are communication systems obtained by joining two, three or four Totems to form a completely self-assembled publicity divider wall.
The Panama Lamàs are excellent solutions for events, trade shows or to furnish your exposition space.
They can be produced with different sizes and the printing can be front only, front and back, of the same image or different images.

Totem Pubblicitario modello Lamà a parete
Totem Pubblicitario modello Lamà a parete
Types of printing and minimum quantities

The Publicity Totems Lamà are printed with two systems:
In digital four-color printing with UV paint for small quantities.
In industrial offset of 150 pieces for the totem floor and of 500 pieces for the countertop totem.

It is possible to order also a single piece, for the floor and elliptical. For offset and digital printing it is possible to apply clear plastic to the totems.

The accessories

There are many accessories available that make the Lamà Publicity Totem an irreplaceable tool to best promote your articles or services.

Bip News Pockets and Transparent PVC

Think how the effective communication of your totem will be enhanced, accessorized by brochure-holding pockets or informative cards. We have many measurements of pockets already ready that we provide already applied to the totem in the position request.

The material is the PVC transparent for small quantities, printed cardboard of 1 or more colors for productions of more than the 150 pieces.

An important innovation is the Bip Pocket News that opens and closes with a slight pressure, because it comes directly from the body of the Publicity Totem.

Accessori totem pubblicitari tasca Bip News e tasca pvc trasparente
Self-assembled Bases and Feet

The bases or the self-assembled feet are made of white or colored polypropylene and their positioning is automatic.

Bases for outdoors

Made of gray PEHD, ballasted with water, sand, stones etc. It has an overall weight of 3.5 kg.

INNOVATION: rotating motorized base

Made of compressed white polystyrene, powered by batteries with duration 1/3 months non-stop.
Available in both the Lamà floor and countertop totems, it can be used with rotation both on the base and head of the totem.

The lateral filament shows two Revolving Totems exemplifying how this idea can be adapted to your own product or to the article you want to publicize in "movement".

Lamà Box

Made with an internal stopper for the collection of files or cards.

The applications


The attachments can be molded at will and are applicable to the entire range of Lamà Totems, absolutely without compromising their natural, simple and intuitive closing.


For greater emphasis on details, printed and die-cut cardboard elements can be added, applied through foam rubber or cardboard spacers.
The result is a three-dimensional totem effect.

Applied Communication Posters

It is possible to apply four-color printed posters to the body of the Publicity Totem through wings that enter cuts provided in the totem in order to change the message as desired.

Adhesive Pockets

These pockets in adhesive transparent PVC are applied on Publicity Totems with the opportunity of changing the graphic as many times as you wish.

Accessori totem pubblicitari alette Sheva
Interchangeable Crowner

Signs with free forms, die-cut and printed in color, applied through eyelets or slotted into the ends of the totem. Of great impact for focused communications.

The Lamà philosophy

The Lamà Publicity Totems are a concept and philosophy intended for protecting the environment.
Always sensitive to the serious problem of atmospheric and environmental pollution, our group is committed to reducing this phenomenon by making choices tending toward the reduction of greenhouse gases, to protect nature and the environment that surrounds us.

The Lamà product in its essence contributes to protecting the environment.

totem pubblicitari che possono essere riciclati

The product is light, foldable and easy to store, reducing by 5 times the number of vehicles used in transportation and deliveries, thus substantially containing the emission of CO2.

The cardboard used for most of the productions is certified PEFC (program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes), as is the production facility, all in protection and guarantee of its origin from controlled deforestation, in a context of eco-sustainable forestry management.

The constant commitment to research and the use of raw materials of low environmental impact lead us to use printing colors, paint and elastic in natural latex to make the Lamà Publicity Totem ecological and completely recyclable.